The WWF is one of the foremost nature conservation charities in the world with hundreds of environmental campaigns currently running with the aim of saving wildlife and the environment where they are critically endangered.

If you would like to support WWF in their fight against tackling climate change and the protection of some of the world’s most endangered species and habitats you can do so by making a monthly pledge.

There are two main ways in which you can support the WWF by making a financial contribution to their work. You can choose to become a WWF member or if you have a particular interest in a particular species of animal you would be able to join the popular WWF adopt an animal program.

Adopt an animal online with WWF

The animals which you can adopt via WWF are –

Polar Bear
Amur Leopard

* Click on your favourite animal for more details.

You can adopt an animal for as little as £3 per month, either for yourself or as part of an ethical gift for friends or family and as part of the adoption you will receive the following items –

  • A fluffy toy of the animal you have chosen to adopt.
  • WWF bag.
  • Adoption certificate.
  • Photos and a greetings card.
  • Updates will be provided throughout the year with details on how your donation is helping.

Adopt an animal today.

Join WWF online

You can also become a WWF member online by making a small monthly donation of £3 which will go towards WWF efforts to conserve the world’s biological diversity, helping to reduce harmful waste and pollution, and protecting some of the most vulnerable animals and countryside in the world.

When you become a WWF member you will receive the following items as part of your membership pack –

  • WWF’s Action magazine three times per year.
  • A WWF panda pin.
  • WWF membership card.
  • Literature containing environmental tips and an overview of WWF work.
  • An “active ideas for all the family” booklet.

Join WWF today.