The Aspinall Foundation is an animal conservation charity that works in conjunction with the Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury and Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent by helping to preserve endangered species through specialised breeding and conservation programs and ultimately returning the animals back to their natural environments where possible.

Highlights of the animal parks for visitors include the largest breeding herd of black rhinos outside of Africa at Port Lympne, along with the largest gorillarium in the world which is home to a family of Western Lowland Gorillas (sometimes referred to as Silverbacks) in addition to numerous other endangered species all set in 600 acres of Kent countryside. Howletts Animal Park is set in 90 acres and contains big cats such as tigers and leopards along with monkeys and the UK’s largest herd of African elephants among other rare and endangered species.

The animal parks are managed by the Aspinall Foundation who also has connections with a number of overseas animal conservation projects in areas as diverse as the Republic of Ireland, Congo, Indonesia and Madagascar.

They are funded solely by charitable donations and visits to the animal parks so you can help them to continue their essential work by choosing to adopt one of the animals at the parks.

Adopt an animal online with the Aspinall Foundation

There are a wide range of animals that you can adopt which include the following –

African Elephant
African Wild Dog
Barbary/Atlas Lion
Black and White Colobus Monkey
Black and White Ruffed Lemur
Black Rhino
Brazilian Tapir
Bush Dog
Clouded Leopard
De Brazzas Monkey
Diana Monkey
Drill Baboon
Fishing Cat
Giant Anteater
Grizzled Leaf Monkey
Honey Badger
Javan Gibbon
Malayan Tapir
Pallas Cat
Rothschild Giraffe
Siberian/Amur Tiger
Sifaka Lemur
Snow Leopard
Sumatran Tiger
Western Lowland Gorilla

* Click on the animal of your choice for more details.

You can adopt an animal for as little as £3.50 per month for yourself or as a gift for family or friends and as part of the adoption pack you will receive the following items –

  • A PC wallpaper of your adopted animal.
  • An e-factsheet of your adopted animal.
  • An e-certificate for the adopted animal.
  • A monthly e-newsletter about the animal parks.
  • A twice yearly update on your adopted animal by email.
  • A FREE entry to Howletts or Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks so you can go and visit your adopted animal in person.

Adopt an animal today and contribute towards conserving an endangered species.