Can I give a membership to one of the charities featured on as a gift?

Yes, it is possible to give gift memberships. You will be given the option when you begin the online membership process to choose the type of membership you require. If it is a gift membership you will be given the option on when the membership should be sent and whether it should be sent direct to the recipient.

How do I pay for my membership?

To pay for your membership online the options that you will usually be offered are to use a credit or debit card or to pay by Direct Debit. Check if the prices are different depending on the method of payment you use. For example, if you choose to pay for a National Trust membership by Direct Debit you will get a reduced membership price.

Over what period of time do I need to be a member?

Memberships are usually taken over an annual basis, but when you sign up be aware whether you are paying upfront for an annual membership fee or whether you are paying on a month by month basis. You are usually able to stop payments for membership whenever you choose, although if you have paid upfront it is unlikely that you would get your money back if you sought to cancel early.

Which conservation charities do you feature?

You can become a member of a range of important charities that are devoted to nature conservation on the website. We feature the charities; The National Trust, RSPB, WWF, The Aspinall Foundation, The World Land Trust, and WSPA.

Are there different types of memberships on offer?

Yes, many charities feature joint, single, family and/or child membership plans. There are also often free gifts and great membership packs on offer so be sure to check what goodies you will receive as part of your new membership.